Angelie Kapoor, Leadership Empowerment Strategist

Allow Me To Introduce Myself….

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Angelie Kapoor, but you can call me Angel.

I’m a life coach working exclusively in the field of Leadership. I have extensive experience and expertise in this field.  As a Leadership Empowerment Strategist, my passion is working with ambitious spirits, mostly women, helping them fulfill their career goals & desires, develop the leadership skills to elevate them to the next level and help them establish the balance their heart and soul craves to thrive in both their career and at home. Most days you can find me curled up on the couch reading or watching sci-fi movies. I am also known for my obsession with busting out some dance moves on the dance floor (which is actually how I met my husband – salsa dancing!)

My credentials include a BS in Healthcare Administration/Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix, Life Coach training from Mentor Masterclass Coaching Mastery, Chakradance™ Facilitator training and Emotional Intelligence courses from among others.

I’ve worked in the healthcare field for 17 years in various roles, ultimately climbing the corporate ladder to Practice Manager. I originally got into healthcare with the purpose of wanting to help and serve others, but as I rose through the ranks, I had this sinking feeling that I wasn’t making the overall impact I was capable of.

While working in healthcare, I discovered my true zone of genius – coaching, mentorship and training. I served as a coach, mentor and trainer to supervisors, staff members and physicians helping them develop skills and make the mindset shifts necessary to develop their skills and also advance in their careers. It made my heart sing seeing the joy on their faces as they achieved their seemingly “impossible goals” and I realized this is the work I was meant to do.

My passion is working with ambitious women helping them fulfill their career goals & desires, develop the leadership skills to elevate them to next level and help them establish the balance their heart and soul craves to thrive in both their career and at home.

Now as a Leadership Empowerment Strategist, I work with women helping them get clear on their goals & desires, empowering them to understand what’s been holding them back and helping them develop the skills and tools to achieve their desires, their balance to thrive in their careers and at home.

It’s my unique blend of personal experience, paired with natural abilities to listen, comfort and support with my passion for my mission to help women unleash their inner leaders and achievers to approach achieving their goals and desires from the perspective of clarity, positivity and empowerment that drives and motivates me. I’ve come to realize that my passion was actually instilled long ago. 

I was born in Germany as my dad was in the military. We moved to the U.S. when I was five. Throughout my childhood, we moved multiple times throughout New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington State. As we moved to different places and houses, I would change schools numerous times throughout my childhood.

There are a few times where I remember after being a the same place and the same house for awhile that I’d get this feeling of being settled, that we had created a home finally. I would get comfortable with my set of friends at school.

Feeling somewhat settled, stable and grounded, I started to get ambitious, taking some initiative and creating opportunities by starting a school paper in the fifth grade with a group of friends. This experience helped me to start to develop my leadership and communication skills as well as my ability to connect, empathize and listen to other students in my school. To understand what they wanted and needed and support them with information and motivation. 

I also ran for class leadership roles feeling that I could make a difference, a positive change by supporting and representing others with my actions and my voice. Inspiring others towards common goals, taking small steps to create massive change and impact.

Taking initiative and spearheading various charity events also became one of my passions. Helping to empower others that a difference can in fact be made with the heart and giving of your time.

When I felt settled and stable, I found freedom in spreading my wings. I did not enjoy the times when we’d suddenly have to pack it all up and move again. I’d be completely heartbroken that I’d have to switch schools, leave all my friends and have to start all over. I dreaded having to be the new kid again and would have to quickly readjust. I now realize that weathering change and transition is a strength of mine, a strength gained from my childhood spent constantly moving around. A strength that has benefited me throughout my life.

We finally fully settled in Washington State where high school was the only schooling that was uninterrupted for me. I started to feel stable again and started making friends. I pursued opportunities again like the varsity cheer squad, the year book and newspaper staff and being class vice president.

Now I am continuing to follow my purpose, my calling, my passion as a Leadership Empowerment Strategist.  Helping and supporting ambitious spirits utilizing my experience, skills, expertise and passion.

Through an empowering process, I guide and support women in making their goals a reality.  My approach is simple, supportive, and results driven. I’m dedicated to bring you clarity, awareness and aha moments, challenging and holding you accountable, while also making you feel safe, supported and celebrated for all your successes along the way.

Are you determined to rise and ready to be unstoppable?

So Now That You Know More About Me….

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