The Magic of Group Programs

Group coaching is different from 1:1 coaching just in experience and energy. With group coaching, several individuals connect who typically have similar values and beliefs and who want to see eachother in the group succeed in achieving their goals and desires.  Group coaching allows for different view points, approaches to problems and obstacles as well as different ideas and perspectives. This group helps and supports one another, cheers and celebrates eachother as they emerge and become unstoppable.  Group coaching is about connecting, communicating and being a community or tribe.  The members are not just learning from myself as the coach, they are also learning from, motivating and holding eachother accountable, which takes them further, farther faster.  In a group coaching program, members typically find they experience something much bigger and greater than themselves. 

Group Programs

Meant to Lead Transformational Leadership Training Group Program COMING SOON!!

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 **A Portion of all Program Enrollments will Be Donated to local & national Charities. These donation will benefit the breaking of the generational cycle of homelessness, environmental awareness & conservation, and the support and hope to people who want to build a family.**

Individual Programs this Way!