Angel is honest, organized and insightful and encourages you to make your life your very own and no one else’s. I love being coached by her.

Mary Lobb

Angel is compassionate and understanding. She helps focus your intentions and guides you to be the best you.

April Hillery

I loved working with Angel. 
Angel is an amazing coach and a wonderful woman. She helped me set goals for my new business project, while compassionately holding space for me and guiding me to do this for myself as well.

Ioanna Margaroni

Angel is a skilled coach who provides clarity to her clients. She helped me zone in on my target audience and gave great tips around building a business page. Highly recommend!

Laura Collis

My call with Angel was a profound and uplifting experience.  Angel was able to listen, truly listen to me and hold a space that felt safe and compassionate. She encouraged me to tell my story, and asked pointed questions that guided me to go deeper and think differently. Angel has a gentle wisdom that helped me see things in a way I had not even considered before.

Jennifer Dale

Angel has been a god send to me during our coaching partnership. She helped me understand my triggers and why I react the way I do. She taught me how to recognize my emotional responses so that I could “reframe” my reaction so that it did not negatively impact my life but allows me to shift, ground and be present. This has changed my life in such a positive way! Angel gave me the tools to be able to overcome anything that normally would have bothered me for days!

Andrea Barden